Like many buildings in Hua Hin, this Thai-Victorian style summer seaside palace was constructed in the early 1920s during the reign of King Rama VI.
It was designed by an Italian architect and built with golden teak from the demolished Hat Chao Samran Palace, with lots of verandas, latticework and high ceilings to keep the structure cool during summer.


Set on the eastern coastline of The gulf of Thailand, PUTAHRACSA is a perfect address for beach leisure. A number of watersports are available on Hua Hin’s beaches including:

  • Jet Skiing
  • Parasailing
  • Surfing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Body Boarding
  • Water Skiing
  • Kite Surfing
  • Banana Boats
  • Kayaking & Canoeing

There isn’t much of surf on the beaches but we occasionally get a meter or so of swells which is ideal for bodyboarding. This should be avoided at the beach in the center of town though due to the rocks.

Windsurfers are often seen out to sea when there is a good breeze, and there are also at least two kitesurfing schools in Hua Hin.

Steady to strong winds are present in Hua Hin from December to April, which is the season for kite surfers. Hua Hin has ideal conditions as the ocean is usually flat and shallow a long way out.

A few of the beach front hotels and guesthouses also offer kayaks for rent that you can take out to sea. Its nice to kayak around the headland around 7km south of the Hua Hin at Khao Takiab, where there is also a small water sports center.


There are 8 top quality courses all within a 30-minute drive.
The courses tend to get busy at weekends and national holidays when the Bangkok crowds visit the area and during the high season (December – March), play can sometimes be slow.

Even if it occasionally takes 5 hours to play a round, there’s no need to get frustrated. The scenery and regular watering holes will take your mind off those small delays. At other times of year, you can often not see another soul on the course except your playing partners and caddies.

  • Banyan Golf Club
  • Black Mountain Golf Course
  • Palm Hills Golf Club
  • Imperial Lake View Golf Club
  • Springfield Royal Golf Country Club
  • The Royal Hua Hin Golf Club
  • Majestic Creek Golf Country Club
  • Milford Golf Club


Created as a medium of connection to artists, creators, designers, tourists, students and community through integrating culture and arts with lifestyles.

Open every Friday, Saturday from 16:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs and Sunday 16:00 hrs to 22:00 hrs, its ambience is showered in light with sparkling decorations and surrounded by a beautiful garden.


The word “Vic” is taken from “old-world English” and means “theatre”. Vic Hua-Hin is Hua Hin’s first center for arts and culture and targets the new generation. It is a place for the development and the exchange of knowledge within Thailand, and between Thailand and the international community. It is an arts center where knowledge of arts is disseminated and where enjoyment of arts is cultivated. The center aims to provide training in the arts for youth from all over Thailand. Here, the left and right sides of the brain meet, combining logical with creativity; Creative freedom is encouraged with the goal of instilling in the new generation qualities which will enable them to be a better citizen and to live creatively, with morality and happiness. You can enjoy performances and exhibitions throughout the year.

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Located centrally in Hua Hin on the western end of Damnoen Kasam Road, Hua Hin Railway Station is one of the most famous sightseeing attractions built in the reign of King Rama VI, one of Thailand’s oldest railway stations.


Take 5-minute walk from PUTAHRACSA to visit a famous Hua Hin night market, enjoy local treats, street food, shopping for clothes and souvenirs.


” Chic and Chill Festival Evening Market ”
EAT – MEET – GREET – CHILL – Live Music.


Also known as Monkey Mountain, this mountain is a location of a Thai-Chinese “Wat Khao Lad” where you can experience Hua Hin coastline scene from bird-eye view. Along with visiting this spiritual attraction and feeding monkeys, many watersports await on the beachside.


Begin with a visit to the national park where the film “The Killing Fields” was shot, with a stop on the way at a pineapple plantation for a short visit. Once at the Bang Poo Fishing Village, take a boat trip along the canals and out to sea. After a 20 minutes boat drive, you will arrive at Leam Sala Beach, a nice and quiet, white sandy beach where you will spend the rest of the day. There you can climb up the hill to visit the magnificent Phraya Nakorn Cave, and then back to the beach.


A historically themed park honoring past Thai kings from the Sukhothai period to the current royal house of Chakri. It was built by the Royal Thai Army, on Thai Army property, 20 minutes drive from Hua Hin centre.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave the historical park the name “Rajabhakti Park”, which means “the park that has been built with people’s loyalty to the monarchs”


Located some 15 kilometers west of Hua Hin is famous for its enormous statue of one of Thailand’s most famous monks, named Luang Phor Thuad. The statue, which is about 12 meters high and 10 meters wide, is set on a large mound.