Ashtanga Yoga Activities at Putahracsa Hua Hin, Hua Hin Activities, Thailand

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Yin Yang Flow:
A meditative, creative blend of restorative Yin postures and energizing Yang Yoga postures practiced in continuous flow.

LEVEL: easy to moderate

Pranayama & Meditation at the beach:
Gentle Hatha Yoga, Pranayama (yogic breath work) and meditation practice early in the morning by the beach. Enjoy the sun, sea and sand while you practice!

Meditation & Chanting:
Find calmness, challenge the mind, improve concentration, explore your inner reflection and discover self-healing through Pranayama (yogic breath work) and meditation techniques (it is not a religion-related practice).

Tai Chi
Learn in Tai Chi as a meditation in movement integrating your mind, body and Spirit in a sequence that you may continue to practice on your own.

Aqua Aerobic
Whether you just want to stay active or you have a health condition that makes land exercise difficult, working out in water provides a number of benefits. Like other aerobic exercises, it can help strengthen your heart, manage your weight, increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels, lower your risk of developing chronic diseases, relaxing and de-stressing.

Fees for private class

1 - 2 students THB 1,500/Class
3 - 4 students THB 2,000/Class
as cost per class start by 1,000/class


1. Please book 24 hours before at the Reception
2. Classes are for a maximum of 4 students
3. Classes are 90 minutes
4. Cancellations FOR PRIVATE CLASS are to be made no less than 3 hours before scheduled class or full price will be charged.
5. Guests can choose to do the classes either at the function room, guests’ al fresco terrace, by the pool side or by the beach.


Please arrive 5-10 mins earlier to prepare
Wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercising
Ensure you do not practice on a full stomach to avoid uncomfortable feelings
Let the teacher know of your health conditions or injuries (including if you are menstruating or pregnant) before the beginning of the class begins.
No cell phones allowed in class – please either switch off or turn into silent mode